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Nail Treatments

Nail Treatments

We use OPI Pro Spa within all of our Nail treatments. Inspired by facial skin care and Devised by OPI with practicing Dermatologist and expert Dr Zera Gabriel, we trust and adore this newly reinvented OPI range complete with its facial skincare-quality ingredients!

Polish Manicure £22

Gel Manicure £27

Gel Manicure with Removal £33

Deluxe Polish Manicure £32

Deluxe Gel Polish Manicure £37

“The Gel Bottle” Builder Gel additional strengthening overlay add on £5
(To add to a gel nail service)

“The Gel Bottle” Builder Gel with Extended Tips £32.50

“The Gel Bottle” Builder Gel Infills £27

Gel Removal & Restore with Pro Spa Cuticle Oil £12

Mini Manicure File, Shape & Paint £15

(For children under 13 years)

Nail Art (from £3)

French Polish additional £5



Natural Acrylics £28.00

French Ombre Acrylics £32.00

Acrylic Nails Full Set With Gel Polish £35.00 (with polish £27)

Acrylic Nails Full Set with Design/Glitter/Coloured Acrylic £35.00
(£1 extra per nail for crystal designs)

Acrylic Infills plain (without Gel or Polish) £20

Acrylic Infills with Polish £20.00

Acrylic Infills with Gel Polish £25

Acrylic Infills with Design/Glitter/Coloured Acrylic £28.00

Acrylic Nail repair £3.50

Acrylic Nail Remover & Restore with Cuticle Oil £15.00

Acrylic Nail Removal & Clear Gel applied £27.00

Acrylic Nail Removal & Gel Manicure £32.50

Acrylic Nail Removal & Structure Gel Manicure £35.00

Acrylic Removal and Re-Apply Acrylics £40.00




Foot Treatments

Pedicure (No Polish or Gel) £20

Just Gel Toes £22
(£28 with removal)

Polish Pedicure £25

Gel Polish Pedicure £29
(£35 with removal)

Deluxe Polish Pedicure £35

(£40 with removal)

Deluxe Gel Polish Pedicure £40
(£45.00 with removal)