Why not treat yourself to gel nails hands or feet or even both whilst you lay back and let Shrinking Violet work it’s magic. Below are a few treatments that you may like to add on during your Shrinking Violet for a discounted price…

30 minute Decleor discovery facials £15 (usually £29)

Gel polish Manicure £19 (usually £22)

Lucifer Lash Lift £25 (usually £35)

Full eye package £12.50 (usually £20)

The amazing Shrinking Violet Body Wrap is the newest, body slimming, inch loss body wrapping product around right now and it gets our vote! The results from this incredible body wrap do not rely on dehydration and loss of water, the active ingredient in the Shrinking Violet oil breakdowns unwanted fat and removes it and that’s what is making this different and so popular.

 The Shrinking Violet Body Wrap has changed the industry of body wrap treatments.  It’s a treatment that can successfully remove fat from all over your body and in problem areas such as the thighs, hips, buttocks, upper arms and abdomen using a new method called Lipolysis;  this is the exciting part, lipolysis works by breaking down fat stored within your fat cells from a triglyceride to free fatty acids which then enables the fat to be easily removed from your body. The Shrinking Violet Oil is a professional only use product and it contains the maximum strength of 20% hydrolised lethecin (the active ingredient) possible and it’s 3 times more active than many other body wraps.

The Shrinking Violet oil is a nanoceutical solution which really means it can penetrate the skin in seconds.  The heat generated from the wrapture forces the oil into the skin where the active ingredient is attracted to the fat cells.  The wrapture combined with the oil disrupts and changes the permeability of the fat cell membranes which causes them to release intra-cellular fat to reduce the size and shape of the fat cells without affecting the surrounding structures. Changing the fat from a triglyceride (within the fat cell) to a free fatty acid in this way enables the fat to be easily removed from your body. It is essential that you drink lots of water following the treatment for 72 hrs to help with the removal of fat from your body.


Shrinking Violet is an excellent jump start to a new and slimmer you. For the fat to come back new cells have to form and that would happen if a person continued to eat excess calories. Combine Shrinking Violet with exercise and healthy eating for optimum results

You will need to be in your underwear or bikini for this treatment, whichever you feel most comfortable in. Some of our clients like to have their bust wrapped and for others who don’t want to lose inches from here keep their bras on

Problem areas can be treated every seven days. You can have two treatments in one week but this can only ever happen once during a course of treatments and there needs to be a 72 hr gap between them. 

No, it’s a completely mess free treatment so there is no need to shower straight after.  In fact you are advised not to shower for 24hrs after the treatment as the oil continues to penetrate your skin and do its thing.  Your skin will be grease free and feel and smell lovely with the lavender, cypress and juniper scented oil.

Yes, everybody treated has seen inch loss results immediately and this can continue for another 72hrs after the treatment for the maximum inch loss result. Sometimes it’s hard for clients to visualise what their inches lost looks like so for your benefit only before and after pictures are taken so you can see the results immediately for yourself as the pictures are compared (these are not shared and deleted immediately after your treatment). During the treatment you are carefully measured so that we can come back and measure the exact same place after your treatment.

You are wrapped up, squeezed and it itches a little

Slight increase in urination for one to two days after treatment

his really is a personal thing. Clients will have different starting point in terms of the inches they want to lose and who have different reasons for having the Shrinking Violet Body Wrap. Some people have one or two treatments for a special occasion and others who are looking to change how your body looks and remove a lot of unwanted fat have a course of treatments to maximise their inch loss

There is and we can’t say how important this small bit of preparation is for the best results from your Shrinking Violet Body Wrap treatment. Those clients who stick to the advice really do get the best results. For 24hrs before your treatment you need to avoid alcohol, caffeine and fizzy drinks and increase your water intake to the recommended 1-2 litres a day (2 preferably).  We would suggest increasing your water intake a good 48hrs before the treatment.  You need to avoid moisturising your body on the day and eat lighter meals (not less calories) throughout the day.