Nails are shaped, filed & buffed. Cuticle work and manicure is completed with a lovely hand & arm massage. Amber Gel Manicure – Nails filed, shaped and buffed. Cuticle work, exfoliation of hands. Complete with a choice of OPI polish (Add £2 for Gel nails using OPI or Gelish polish)

Duration 45mins


Nails are filed, shaped and buffed; cuticle work is completed, followed by a hand exfoliation and the addition of a beautiful OPI hydrating skin mask with OPIs rejuvenating serum. Your hands are wrapped in thermal mittens to give deeper penetration of the oils and creams, soften the cuticles, improves circulation and soothes stiff joints-perfect for those with inflammatory joint conditions. Your treatment is completed with OPI polish of your choice. (Add £2 for Gel nails using OPI Gel or Gelish polish)

Duration 75mins

Simple File & Polish £12

Nails shape, cuticle work done & a lovely OPI polish to complete the picture!

Simple File & Gel Polish £15

Nails shape, cuticle work done & a lovely OPI Gel or Gelish polish to complete the picture!

Amber Gel removal & reapply manicure  £19

Amber Gel removal, reapplication and nail art £23*

*on up to 1-2 nails per hand. Extra nail art £1 per nail.


Gel manicure with Nail art on 1-2 nails £19. Extra nail art £1 per nail

Gel Removal £8

PARAFFIN WAX TREATMENT.  20 min service £15

Paraffin wax treatments are fast-acting, drug-free, and provide heat therapy beneficial for painful arthritic joints of the feet,hands, back, neck, elbows and shoulders.The treatment is particularly popular in the winter when people who experience seasonal dry skin, cracked heels and hands, and cold feet and hands and also aching backs, neck and shoulders. Book as a separate add on service to your pedicure or manicure or as a stand alone treatment with us. 


We now offer I.Nails Express®.

As permanent and hardwearing as traditional acrylic extensions, but much quicker to apply. Call us for details…


AMBER PEDICURE £20 for polish, £24.50 for gel.

Our AMBER PEDICURE  Includes cuticle care, hard skin removal, nails trimmed to perfection and a soothing foot and leg massage with skin conditioning creams. 

Includes free removal 

Please note – We recommend that you bring open toed shoes if you are having an OPI Pedicure as the nails will need drying time.


Paradise for your hard working feet! Renew and restore feet to silky smoothness. Our deluxe pedicure includes cuticle work, a sugar scrub exfoliation with avocado oil, white tea extract to help fight free radicals and detoxifying Magnesium sulphate to help reduce inflammation.  Relax into a warm foot soak with calendula, horse chestnut, & sage to soothe fatigued feet. Your feet are then treated to an ultra-hydrating and relaxing application of Paraffin wax with heated booties and a relaxing foot and leg massage to complete the journey. The perfect way to restore moisture, refresh and energise those tired feet (and ideal for those with poor circulation and inflammatory joint conditions).  Your treatment is completed with an OPI Polish of your choice.


File & OPI Gel polish or Gelish with glitter too

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